Our mission

Our ongoing efforts have provided assistance to Casa Hogar Divino Niño Jesus, an orphanage situated on the outskirts of Hermanas Mirabal, Dominican Republic. Managed by four dedicated nuns and a nurse sponsored by the health department, our mission revolves around addressing their diverse needs, encompassing nourishment, shelter, clothes, footwear, domestic essentials, as well as support for an English educator and educational materials.

Maria C

Maria Canela

Orlando, FL

Maria was born and raised in Dominican Republic. In 1978 she moved to Orlando and in 2008 she opened her yoga studio. It has created a warm and friendly environment for the community, helping hundreds of people on their healing and wellness journey. Now she would love to give back to her home country by helping the kids of the Orphanage.

Victoria C

Victoria Canela

Dominican Republic

Victoria is Maria's sister, our point of contact and the curator of the Orphanage in DR. She has a kind and generous heart - she has been involved with the Orphanage from the very beginning and has done a lot of  work behind the scenes - donating her own time and money as well as just spending time with the kids and getting to know them.

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can partner with us to help vulnerable children.

Empower through Education

  • Education and life skills break poverty's cycle, aiding vulnerable children.

  • Transformative education enables prosperous futures, overcoming challenges.

  • Children at DR orphanage need English proficiency, costing $250/month.

  • Your donation secures lasting, quality education for a brighter future.

Support via Donation

  • Engage in our Facebook fundraiser or use "Donate Now" button.

Practical Donations

  • Give gently used clothes, shoes, English books at studio bins.

  • Maria ships packages regulary.

Donation-Based Classes

  • Watch for date; 100% class proceeds enrich the orphanage.

Every Act Matters

  • Repost or contribute; your involvement strengthens our cause.

  • Your support is genuinely cherished, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.

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