If you are ready to take your yoga practice and, more importantly, your life to that next level, then these workshops are for you. Whether you are aspiring to impact lives for the better as a mentor, coach, yoga teacher, or to personally grow for yourself, our workshops are suitable for those who are seeking a life-changing experience through self-transformation, healing, peaceful living, and liberation for happy healthy life.

The Chakra System with Missy White An excellent introduction to the concept of the Chakra System covers the 7 main Chakra Centers. The Chakra System is a profound system for spiritual and emotional growth. These vortexes of moving subtle energy are information centers that take in, exchange, process, interact and affect all that you are. What the Chakra system is and what it does will be discussed. Each chakra will be described with its location; color and emotional correspondence; and impact on the physical structure. You are guaranteed to end this series with a broader understanding of yourself and your relationships and a new view of circumstances in your life.
2 pm – 3:30 pm
Breathing & Meditations with Dr. Jwala Prasad Breathing & Meditations are often the most difficult skills to master. As stress and tension are released, healing and uplifting are promoted in body, mind, and spirit. Meditation helps one become calm, develop concentration, get a balanced perspective on life, and cultivate unshakeable happiness and spiritual magnetism. The spectrum of techniques shared during the training is based on the highest ancient yogic practices of India. Dr. Jwala Prasad a does not just teach yoga and meditation – he lives it, so will you.
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
The Science, Practice & Philosophy of Yoga with Dr. Jwala Prasad True yoga teaches us to expand our consciousness and live in a higher vibrational life of beauty, presence, grace, and bliss. Increase your knowledge, deepen your experience, and fire up your inspiration. You will leave this class feeling expanded as an individual.
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Ayurveda, The Sister Science of Yoga
with Missy White
This class can help you improve your health, connect you with your purpose, and create greater balance, well-being, and transformation in your life through the wisdom of Ayurveda. Your natural sleep patterns, favorite activities, and body type are all influenced by your unique mind-body constitution or dosha. Understanding the doshas can profoundly improve your health and your ability to create well-being on a daily basis. This is the foundation of Ayurveda. If you are ready to discover a way of living that energizes and enlivens you, we invite you for a journey on discovering Ayurveda.
1 pm – 2:30 pm
May 2020
The Spine, The Fascia & The Yoga
with Ann Teachworth
Franklin Method® workshop is designed to help you understand and embody your natural anatomy and function in a way that in turn improves your function and performance. Students experience increased flexibility (without stretching), strength (without lifting weights), improved balance, stability, mobility, posture, breathing, and more. In addition to all the physical benefits, most report feeling more calm, relaxed, present, and able to focus and think more clearly. All in one class. And it’s fun!
12:30 pm – 3 pm