Wellness Corner

WELCOME to our wellness corner. We are excited to be able to provide following services at our studio:

  • Healing Treatments & Self Care Workshops from Ana & Marilyn from Wellnesday Holistic Center
  • Thai / Traditional Massage & Cupping from Liliana & Mosako
  • Basic Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle Goals & Hormone Balancing Workshops from Maria
  • and so much more to help our community stay healthy, happy and well in all of the aspects of life.

Wellnesday Center provides holistic and alternative health services that promote peak mental and physical performance through Bio-Magnetic Therapy. Bio-Magnetic Therapy is a technique that involves the use of pairs of natural magnets to restore the body to a state of optimal health. Pairs of magnets are strategically placed on different parts of the body in order to depolarize areas or organs that may be in a state of pH imbalance.

Meet Ana and Marilyn – Wellnesday Center Bio-Magnetic Therapists.

One of the things Ana and Marilyn like most about their job is being able to give patients a natural alternative to traditional medical care.

“We can help you achieve great results through the natural approach of bio-magnetic therapies.”

Bio-Magnetic therapists Ana and Marylin’s approach is centered on genuine concern and compassion for the health and well-being with holistic approach and alternative treatments. Stop by our studio to make an appointment today.

On Biomagnetic Therapy:

Magnets and magnetic therapy has been used for healing for thousands of years.  The Ancient Greeks discovered Iodestone which is considered by many to be the very first natural magnet.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, discussed the use of magnets in his healing protocols.  Magnets are used by scientists and doctors to help people heal from all sorts of chronic health conditions.

Benefits of BioMagnetic Therapy:

Clinical experience has shown that biomagnetic therapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues and that the benefits include:

  • Neutralizes pH and creates an environment that is inhospitable to pathogens.
  • Correction of the intracellular energetic and ionic conditions
  • Completely natural, painless, easy, and non-invasive.
  • No side effects and it may be easily used in conjunction with both conventional and alternative treatments.
  • Targets the root cause of the pain/disease rather than only the symptoms.
  • Results can be often seen in a few minutes, days or sometimes in a few weeks.


How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?:

Every cell in our body has a negative charge on the outside and a positive charge on the inside.  This allows for electrical signaling to move throughout the body very quickly and effectively.  When a region of the body is injured or inflamed it causes a lack of blood flow.  This reduces oxygen and nutrients into the region which causes a lack of polarity and disrupts the natural electrical currents in the body.

Magnets work by improving circulation to the damaged region and improving the injured cell’s polarity.

If you have any questions please email us at info@orlandohotyoga.com or stop by the front desk.