Private Personal Training

We are excited to announce our first ever Private Personal Training lead by our HIIT Pilates teacher Xavier Baez. Whether your objective is weight loss or you need a new routine that challenges and inspires you, we have your back. Private Personal Training is the best way to stay on track with your physical fitness program and to help you meet the goals you have set.

“My name is Xavier Baez and I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I hold a background in Athletic Training and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Strength and Conditioning at a graduate level. I do my best to implement my knowledge in exercise and rehabilitation by designing well structured motivating workouts that target each individuals fitness and health goals. I’m a true believer that exercise is medicine, so the aspect of combining the Pilates method with high intensity intervals welcomes clients to master basic functional movements to improve their strength, resolve physical limitations and to build a foundation for further gains in health, mind and fitness.”


Contact Xavier for private training packages and schedule your first session 407.449.6014 or

Here are the packages: