David Does It: Hot 26 & 2 Yoga

It may be getting chilly outside, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing the sweaty, glistening bodies as they twist and contort at Orlando Hot Yoga and PIlates.

They offer a wide variety of class types from the Hot 26 & 2 Series to 60 min Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Pilates and now KIDS’ Yoga. Classes are taught/performed by certified, experienced instructors and practitioners.

“The heat is to relax your muscles so you can stretch safely and get deeply into your postures,” owner Maria Canela told Fox 35’s David Martin on Monday morning.

“It detoxes the whole body, inside and out.”

A participant of Hot 26 & 2 Yoga can burn up to 1,200 calories per 90-minute class, according to Canela.

Even so, it’s “absolutely a beginning yoga practice. Everybody can come, We hope to encourage you to maintain a regular practice to promote and support your overall well-being.” she said. “You’re never too old never too sick. There are no age limits. You always benefit from it.”

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