Hot 26&2 Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified

200 HOUR WEEKEND PROGRAM with Missy White, Maria Canela & Carole Beard

Immerse yourself in the experience of yoga in this 5 months (9 weekends) intensive training:
Deepen and refine your personal practice
Develop understanding of the hot yoga
Build your strength, flexibility, focus and discipline
– Learn how to teach hot 26&2 yoga
– Find the joy of teaching and how you can make a difference.

Our 200 hour program is more than just a certified yoga teacher training for the aspiring yoga teacher. It is a transformation of body, mind and spirit. It benefits anyone looking to experience growth and evolve their own personal practice while receiving direction from experienced, certified/licensed trainers and teachers.

A lot of emphases will be placed on following your heart and finding your own unique voice and way of expression, even if you choose not to teach yoga. The skills, practices, and lessons learned from this training will well-serve you the rest of your life.

Any Yoga Classes during the weekend Teacher Training are included. You also receive 30 Free Yoga Classes to use over the entire Teacher Training period (A $600 VALUE)


$2775 Paid in FULL at sign up
$2925 Payment Plan, $250 Deposit to reserve your spot; balance to be paid in monthly installments.

Buy Now and Finance Through PayPal

Class Limit is 20

$250 Application Fee is part of final payment and 100% refundable if applicaton is not approved, but not refundable once approved.

20% of the Deposit is non-refundable for every month your spot is held and 100% non-refundable after Jan 1, 2020